Chester Bennington Will Be Missed 

Good evening all. I’m sure you’ve all heard the news about Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park. Much has already been written about his struggles with depression, but here I’d like to talk about the music he created.  Hybrid Theory, LP’s first album dropped back in 2000, it was one of those few acts that even the most die hard hip hop fan could knock. It was fairly common to see CD collections that included LP, Nas, Jay-Z, and DMX. Some of us know it, and if you say otherwise, just stop. Who are you frontin for?  Who...

Harlem Book Fair 2017 Wrap Up

The Harlem Book Fair is a yearly event that convenes readers, authors, and book industry people. While this event was unfortunately overall disappointing, I did manage to have a productive day.  This year, I saw a few new faces. Authors like Danielle Marcus and Sakinah Ibrahim. Walking around, I ran into familiar authors also, such as Felicia Capers and Mahogany Starr.  It took all of fifteen minutes to get through the vendors, as there was only one block this year. I came through and said my hellos to folks.  I participated in a panel called “Prose and Poetry” at Calabar...
Prose and Poetry @ Calabar Imports July 15th!

Prose and Poetry @ Calabar Imports July 15th!

Greetings once again, good peoples. As some of you may know, I will be attending the Harlem Book Fair this year. I also wanted to inform those reading that I will be participating in an event the same day, later that evening. Join Eartha Watts Hicks, Judy C. Andrews, Dara Kalima, and myself for Prose and Poetry, next Saturday. This is a free event, and refreshments will be served as well. If you are interested in coming, here is the Eventbrite page. Take care, and enjoy your weekend.
Filmmaker Delila Vallot  Humanizes Plight of Homelessness in “Mighty Ground”

Filmmaker Delila Vallot Humanizes Plight of Homelessness in “Mighty Ground”

By Marc W. Polite Homelessness is a major problem in American society. It’s a predicament that in this writer’s opinion, doesn’t have to exist. Due to the rampant greed of real estate companies, compounded with a severely weakened social safety net, it’s a reality that can befall anyone. The struggles of the homeless in the major cities is too often overlooked. In a nominally civilized western society, there is a collective “out of sight, out of mind” approach to this enormous issue. They are stigmatized as people who have somehow failed, and are written off as such. It’s going to...