So Much for “The Resistance”- Trump Impeachment Vote Fails

Good evening, everyone. Politics is theater, and everyone is in on the script except for those watching at home. After making much hay about impeaching President Trump ever since, well the inauguration, the effort falls short. Today, House Democrats decided not to vote on impeaching Trump. This is instructive for a number of reasons. One, the Democrats have whipped up their base with a demand that they have no intention on following through on. Two, it goes to show how un-serious “The Resistance” is about doing anything but posturing. They have no real plan to impede any parts of this administration’s agenda that will surely hurt millions of people. So much for “The Resistance”



2 thoughts on “So Much for “The Resistance”- Trump Impeachment Vote Fails

  1. Taneeka

    Because they are all in this together!! Independent forever!

    1. Yes indeed they are!

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