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Marc Polite, author of "Poetic Ruminations"
Marc Polite, author of “Poetic Ruminations” and “Everything To Learn, Nothing to Teach”

Marc W. Polite is an award winning writer from New York City. He writes on issues concerning history, labor, and technology.  He holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a Master’s in History from The City College of New York.

Mr. Polite is the founder and Editor in Chief of Polite On Society, an award winning blog of social commentary, political analysis and literary reviews. His commentary has been featured on The Grio, Race Talk Magazine, Time Magazine, Black Star News, BMORENEWS, The New England Informer, and The Atlanta Post.

Mr. Polite has also published two books:

The Poetic Ruminations of Mr. Born Nice – a collection of original poems

Everything To Learn, Nothing To Teach– a collection of essays, commentary, and personal recollections.

Both are available in print, and on Kindle.


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