Brandon Melendez-  Education Contributor- A writer from New York, Brandon focuses on educational issues.

Ad Faulkner- International News Contributor- A writer from Chicago, Ad focuses on international relations for Polite On Society.


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  1. Marie A. De Simone

    Mr. Melendez’ letter from April 7th was not only brilliant, but precise, honest, scathingly targeted, and perceptive. He laid out the issues in such clear focus so as to command their attention…to YOU, Gov. Satan;)

    However, it is my wish that Mr. Melendez send that letter to Newsday’s Op-Ed. Newsday has done nothing but target us, educators and schools, on levels that would make Gov. Satan proud. Someone must make the readers aware of the other side! It is Mr. Melendez’ letter which lays out the major issues in such understandable terms–as BOTH parent and educator–that those who are unaware, or believe Newday’s reporting to be balanced and objective, will be edified to our side’s truths and realize that not only has Newsday ALWAYS had a vendetta against the education system on Long Island, but is also in Gov. Satan’s pocket! (In my opinion.)

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