Advantage Program Extended by A Month; Rent Stabilization Set to Expire in June

This is a follow-up story on the status of the Advantage Program. The program has been spared for another month, and the affected tenants have until the end of April. While this is an ongoing issue, we must also be aware of another threat to all renters in regulated apartments coming much sooner than most think. In June, rent stablization laws are set to expire. Then, tenants will be expected to pay market rate rents, and landlords not disciplined by regulation, can raise as high as they see fit. This is a really divisive topic. Reading some of the comments...

Polite Society: Week in Review- 4/3-4/8/11

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! A lot happened this week, and I’d rather get this all out in one shot instead of separate posts. Lets go! President Obama Speaks at NAN Conference As reported earlier in the week on this site, President Barack Obama spoke at the National Action Network this past Wednesday. It was a major event for the city, and brought out the best, brightest, and most successful Black luminaries. However, with the recent revelation that Obama’s approval rate slipping slightly in the Black  community, the president will have to pay more attention to the needs of African-Americans...

Rice High School students support their alma mater by recreating “A Great Day in Harlem”

Rice High School Update: ( Today, April 7th at 2:30pm there will be a gathering of students and alumni of Rice High School to show support for the financially troubled Central Harlem catholic school. As you may be aware, Rice is in danger of closing its doors forever in June of 2011. If you can, come out and show your support for the students of RHS and help bring more attention to this dire situation. -Marc W. Polite Rice High School Class of 1997  

Polite Society Poll: Crisis in Ivory Coast

There is an ongoing political crisis in Ivory Coast. Yet, in comparison with other international stories, coverage has been spotty. Some surmise that this is so because Cote D’Ivore is in the “wrong” part of Africa. Do you feel like this crisis is not being covered as much? Voice your opinion. -Marc W. Polite P.S. If there is anybody on my subscribers list from the Ivory Coast, I would love to speak to you about this ongoing situation.  

Keepers of The Dream Awards: Impressions

Good evening folks!  As many people who follow political events know, President Obama is running for re-election in 2012. This was officially announced Monday, and he is making the preliminary rounds in the African American community to shore up his strongest base of support. Today, the National Action Network held the first day of  their convention, commemorating 20 years of this civil rights organization existing. The Keeper of The Dream Awards Dinner, followed the address that President Obama would make to NAN. First off, I am surprised I even got in.  I surmise my reputation and press credentials are growing....