Marc Polite Quoted in Amsterdam News Article

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all making plans for a wonderful weekend. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who came out to the Phoenix Forum Discussion Group last night. We had a nice discussion about some of the unknown history about The Great Migration. We will be on break, and return in September. What I wanted to let you all know about, is that I was recently quoted in the Amsterdam News about an event in Harlem. The title is Harlem Revive: A Community Day of Unity Enjoy!    

Harlem Book Fair 2013 Recap

This year’s Harlem Book Fair was a different experience for me than in the past. In previous years, I was in attendance as a patron, a lover of books, and a study of the publishing game. I attended panels with writers talking about how they did it. This year, I attended the book fair as an author. It was interesting from the other side, and now I see that there is much more to being an author than merely releasing the book.   While making my usual rounds, I noticed that Angela Williamson was in attendance. She, like me, is...