Madame Noire Features in February- Women in the Marines

Evening everyone. As you can see, a brother has been busy. Finishing up book projects, putting together panels, and keeping people abreast of what is going on. In addition to all this, I have been doing writing over at Madame Noire. Check out two profiles I did this month on women in the Marines. Sheila Moore interview Christina Silva interview Give them both a view when you have a chance. Aight, I am out now, peace! -Marc W. Polite   Related articles We Salute You: Christina Silva, Marine Vet And Motivational Speaker  

I Didn’t Know About the Pink Ghetto

By Dr. Nicole McZeal Walters Until I found myself watching Bloomberg TV’s Women to Watch program early Sunday morning. Riveted, I listened to a panel of four, successful women leaders representing social media, technology, business, and finance, all based in the Silicon Valley. Much of the line of questioning related to asking these women did they feel alone in much of the male dominated industries, were there many opportunities for women, and how did they get their start? The women shared that Silicon Valley is the home of many start-ups, and opportunities for women indeed abound because their expertise is...